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What this passion means to us:
We are determined to operate a business that trades ethically and responsibly with customers, suppliers and partners, which supports our local community and which has a positive impact on the wider world. And in terms of our environmental impact, our ultimate aim is to replace our carbon footprint with a green one.

What this passion means to you:
You can be confident when doing business with Glasstap® that you’re working with a company that is doing its bit for the environment and the local and global community by, for example, using recycled and environmentally friendly materials wherever possible, actively seeking out environmentally friendly products for Trainers’ Market and buying electricity that comes from renewable sources.

This passion in action:
Glasstap® has offset all of the carbon dioxide emissions from its business activity through co2balance’s Ukunda (EA) Energy Efficient Stoves Project. To find out more about co2balance and their current projects visit

Since March 2008, all materials used to package Trainers’ Market orders have been recycled – even the bubble wrap and tape.

All waste paper and card we produce is recycled.

We use recycled paper internally and for all correspondence. Brochures and other promotional material is printed on recycled paper or card.

We’ve created sustainable, technology based jobs in a remote rural area, creating new opportunities for local people, and helping to keep the local community alive.

We’ve donated money to Farm Africa, helping poor farmers build a sustainable future for themselves and Book Aid International.

Closer to home we developed and sponsor a community float competition for the local gala – and have so far donated £6,500 to community groups through this, and other, initiatives.

Over the last three years we’ve donated more than £15,000 to charities and other good causes.

We’ve sourced a number of environmentally friendly products for Trainers’ Market, including ‘magic paper’, and marker pens made from 92% recycled plastic.
"I would like to thank Glastap very much for your generous donation of £4,500 in support of Farm-Africa’s work."
Alison Rivett, Farm Africa

"On behalf of the rest of the Gala Committee I would like to express my sincere Thank You for your generous support for the Best Decorated Float fancy dress competition."
Joanne McGarr, Alston Gala Committee

"Thank you so very much for the very generous cheque of £2,000 that we received for our litter pick…The children really enjoyed their day and hopefully it will make them more aware of the rubbish that people drop. We are hoping to start a litter picking club which will go out and about close to the school ever other week or so."
Debbie Clarke, Alston Primary School

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