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Introducing the Glasstap Team

We’ve been supporting training professionals around the world for over ten years. And we don’t want our customers to be satisfied with the service we provide, we want them to be delighted.

All of our customers get a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager, whose job is to help you get the most from your membership. Whether you’re looking for ideas about which modules to use in your next workshop or want help posting your first blog, they are only a phone call away.

Our team is passionate, creative, knowledgeable and know that the customer experience is the true heart of our business.

Rod Webb, Director and Co-Founder Rod Webb - Director/Co-Founder

Rod has always been passionate about releasing people’s potential and has been directly involved in learning and development for 20 years, (which makes him feel old!) He created Glasstap with Craig Worcester in 2000, initially as a more ‘traditional’ training consultancy, until one day, whilst out riding, he had an idea that led, thanks to Craig’s creative IT genius, to Trainers’ Library being launched six weeks later. Rod’s day-to-day role involves overseeing the company’s strategy, leading the team and managing new content.

Craig Worcester, Director and Co-Founder Craig Worcester - Director/Co-Founder

Craig’s ability to create customer friendly solutions has come from 20 years of experience in working side by side with the very people he designs solutions for. Professional trainers in over 50 countries now use the solutions Craig has designed, with co-founder Rod Webb. Craig says: “I am particularly proud of the Glasstap team and its dynamic approach to changes in customer needs. We always enjoy the challenge of making sure customers are supported throughout their careers and have the content they and their organisations need to succeed.”

Louise Richardson, Admin Manager Louise Richardson - Administration

Based in our Alston office, Louise was a stay at home 'mam' until joining Glasstap in 2004, where she began as a Sales Consultant. After spending time in various roles including CRM, Trainers’ Market and Newsletter Editor, she is now Admin Manager and deals with Glasstap’s media and press releases. Louise also proofreads the new additions to Trainers’ Library and loves the fact that she gets paid to be pernickety!

Lee Worcester, Technical Assitant Lee Worcester - IT Projects

After a 17 year career in the banking industry, Lee was looking for a change and joined Glasstap in 2009. Currently based in Cornwall, Lee looks after the technical side of Glasstap, maintaining the Glasstap Website and adding exciting new applications, the latest of which is Trainers' Blogs.

Matthew Cribb, Design Manager Matthew Cribb - Artistic Design

Matt works for Glasstap from his home office in Devon. He is highly experienced in the design industry, as a freelancer, working in design studios and highly proficient with all printing media. Matt enjoys the wide variety of creative challenges that working for Glasstap provides. Creating digital and hand-drawn illustrations for use in Trainers’ Images, organising and art directing photo-shoots, and designing all manner of marketing publicity, from online advertisements to large format signage. Every day a new challenge, and always makes me smile!

Frances Ferguson, Customer Services Manager Frances Ferguson - Training Design Manager

Frances’ career stretches back over 20 years, first as a manager and then a training professional. A longstanding Glasstap member, she first started designing training for us in 2012, before joining the team full time the following year. Since the start of 2015 she has been our Training Design Manager and has been responsible for developing new material for both Trainers' Library and Managers' Library. Frances brings with her a real passion for training and her experience as a trainer who has delivered our material both in-house and freelance means that she is ideally placed to help our members get the best value they can from having access to all our fabulous resources.

Bhav Sharma, Sales Director Bhav Sharma - Sales Director

Bhav has years of experience in hotel, health and retail, where customers service is expected at its highest. Having worked for several premium organisations, he joined Glasstap in January 2016 as Sales Director. Bhav is very passionate about providing the best customers service, connecting with clients, understanding their needs and making sure the highest customer service possible is delivered. Having provided lots of training in hotel and fashion retail, Bhav has an extra edge to provide Glasstap services to our clients, he knows from personal experience how only experiential training can bring the desired changes and attitude and behaviours, which is the key success to any business.

Zoe Williams, Customer Services Manager Zoe Williams - Customer Relationship

Zoe has been part of the Glasstap team since September 2005 and is based in our Alston office. Zoe has previously worked in banking, telecoms and sales and thoroughly enjoys the customer service role she now has at Glasstap. She takes great pride in knowing how many happy customers we have.

Charity Reed, Customer Services manager Charity Reed - Customer Relationship

Charity has worked as Customer Relationship Manager at Glasstap since 2007. Previously she trained in childcare and ran crèches and play schemes but now loves the role she's in, working with Glasstap customers worldwide, as well as the Glasstap team.

Michaela Ritson - Trainers' Market

Michaela has been part of the Glasstap team since February 2007 and is based in our Alston office. Michaela joined Glasstap shortly after leaving school and enjoys her role as Admin and Customer Services Assistant. She is also responsible for Trainers' Market.

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