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The leading training forum for professional trainers, Trainers’ Talk provides all of our members an unrivalled space in which to chat, network and share ideas.

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Latest Trainers' Talk Posts 
Internal Communications training
Hello I'm completely new to this site! I've been tasked with writing an internal communication course for our business from scratch but I'm really struggling to find ma....
Posted by Abi on 19/12/2014
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E-learning - microsoft office
We would like to support our classroom based Microsoft office courses with e-learning and would welcome recommendations for suppliers. I have already trialled a number of prod....
Posted by Josie on 18/12/2014
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Has anyone any recommendations for Safeguarding training?
Hi I need to source some safeguarding (children and vulnerable adults) to be delivered by elearning. Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks....
Posted by Nigel on 16/12/2014
8  responses

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Team Leaders Bonding
Good afternoon, I’m putting together an offsite bonding session for our ‘estranged’ team leaders call Fuse360. I have an opening icebreaker. I’m looking for ideas on how to bu....
Posted by Jooles on 11/12/2014
2  responses

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Procedural Compliance
I am in the process of planning some sessions based around how individuals engage with the procedures they are required to work to. I am currently looking for group activitie....
Posted by Lee on 11/12/2014
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