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The leading training forum for professional trainers, Trainers’ Talk provides all of our members an unrivalled space in which to chat, network and share ideas.

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Latest Trainers' Talk Posts 
Employee Engagement Questions
A client has asked for help in compiling a valid set of questions to assess employee engagement in their organisation. They don't want to do something huge, but the questio....
Posted by Jennifer on 18/11/2014
4  responses

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Technology in the Classroom
I am interested to see whether anyone is using any technology in the classroom like ipads etc and how they are using them? Thanks Gemma....
Posted by Gemma on 13/11/2014
0  responses

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creating webinars
i have been asked to cost the effort involved in creating some webinars from existing course materials. I have made an initial estimate but would be interested to hear whethe....
Posted by Jennifer on 13/11/2014
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Reviewing Team Profiling Tools
I'm looking to review the various team profiling tools available in order to decide which one(s) to become accredited in. Has anyone undertaken this kind of reseacrh before as....
Posted by Sunita on 13/11/2014
3  responses

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skill versus will
Has anybody got any quick energisers or training games that can highlight effectively the difference between skill versus will? ....
Posted by Jo on 12/11/2014
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