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Latest Trainers' Talk Posts 
Communication Models & Systems
Hi everyone Would anyone have a simple handout detailing the different communication models that support administration including Shannoh, Berlo, Schramm. Also a handout d....
Posted by Linda on 20/10/2014
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Team Building, Ice-breakers, and Customer Service Training where language is a barrier
I'm the Retail Trainer for a retailer that is franchising abroad. We are taking responsibility for the delivery of the initial team induction training and their introduction t....
Posted by Mike on 20/10/2014
3  responses

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Leadership & Values
Does anyone have any good exercises to bring out discussion on goof leadership behaviours and raise awareness of current behaviours and how this could link to their organisati....
Posted by Anjana on 17/10/2014
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Jack Fruggle's Treasure
Has anybody adapted this exercise so that no one team can win, but that the whole group (I'll have 5 teams of 10) can only get the treasure if they (finally) work together. So....
Posted by Sally on 17/10/2014
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English Language
Hi. I need to help a non-British individual with her English. Can anyone suggest any sites from where I can download any modules please....
Posted by Louise on 16/10/2014
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